The “Storage War$” show from A&E is entertaining, but not exactly true to life.

Categories: Auctions

I’m sure many of you watched the A&E show ” Storage War$”. If not, you can watch full episodes by clicking on the link below:,AAAAAEK2ejU~,Ai-tVL3JZg1kX3zzBFHC2eiRYdzh_B_G&bclid=710911921001&bctid=711583863001

The real life auctions are not quite as exciting. You know that for such show to be interesting, only the rare and unique finds are aired. We do not particularly like the comment by the host of the show that goes something like ” You better pay your rent on time or you can be sure we will auction it”.

We don’t want to sell your belonging and we will work with you as best as we can to avoid auctioning your unit. We don’t like to take advantage of people that may be going through hard times.

At Reliable Self Storage, we appreciate our clients. We are not just a business, we are local residents as well. We are part of this community and our clients are friends and neighbors.